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Since 2008 Gloria Krolak has been the host of "Good Vibes," the first and only broadcast radio program to feature the vibraphone, a percussion instrument which found its jazz voice in the 1930s with Red Norvo and Lionel Hampton. She began a new show, Mornin' Glory, at WETF FM that broadcasts from South Bend Indian. It airs on Tuesday mornings at 8:00 eastern.  She also contributed a monthly column, “Rhythm & Rhyme,” to Jersey Jazz, the journal of the New Jersey Jazz Society, which explored jazz through poetry.  The radio host has written the columns “On the Road,” also for Jersey Jazz, and “The Club Car,” for 


Gloria Krolak is a member of, a website where her favorite vibes players teach, share and spread the word about the unique appeal of the instrument.  Gloria has served on the board of the Junior Jazz Foundation, based on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  Her book, Jazz Lines, (see My Book), all poems built with jazz tune titles, was inspired by poet Hayden Carruth’s poem “The Fantastic Names of Jazz,” which lists jazz musicians by their nicknames, from Zoot Sims to Jelly Roll Morton. Photography is one of her favorite pastimes.  She is fascinated by the close-up intricacies, patterns and vibrant colors found in nature.  The author's favorite spots are the beach and The Jazz Corner, also on Hilton Head Island, where great live jazz rings out almost every night.



Gloria Krolak 

Photo by Michael Chovan-Dalton

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