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June 11, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at


Starting Over           Frank Morgan/Bobby Hutcherson                 Reflections

Tristeza                   Nate Najar Quartet/Chuck Redd                 Swinging

Orchids                  Brian Landrus Orchestra/Joe Locke                Generations 

I Gotta Right To Sing the Blues     Cal Tjader Plays Harold Arlen & West Side Story

Prologue           Aaron Diehl/Warren Wolf             The Bespoke Man's Narrative

From This Moment On    Bria Skonberg/Stefon Harris                    Bria 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Bobby Hutcherson Un Poco Loco.jpg

June 4, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

I Wanna Stand Over There    Bobby Hutcherson                      Un Poco Loco

Love Walked Right In            Ray Alexander                           Vigorous Vibes

A Prayer For You                  TRIAD                                       TRIAD

The English Patient                Joe Locke                                  Soundtracks

Noa Noa                           Hendrik Meurkens                      Live at Bird's Eye

Family & Friends                   Tony Marino                             Family & Friends  

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

May 28, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Berimbau                Behn Gillece/Ensemble Novo             Blue Night

Sunday Kind of Love  Art Van Damme/Heribert Thusek         Supercool

Since I Fell For You    David Sanborn                                Double Vision

Git'cha Shout On      Willie Jones III/Warren Wolf             Groundwork

Manzanita               Bobby Hutcherson                            Linger Lane

Equinox                   Tom Teasley                                    Global Standard Time

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Behn Gillece Blue Night.jpg
Behn cover.jpg

May 21, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

May 14, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Cyclic Episode                  Behn Gillece                  Stick Together 

Bernie's Tune                     Liz ilku/Warren Chiasson  Swing Easy

Voz e Vento                       Erik Charlston                 Hermeto: Voice and Wind

Sound of Red                    Rene Marie                    Sound of Red

Skippy                             Tony Miceli                     Monk Meets Tony Miceli

You Must Meet My Wife     Felix Peikli/Joe Doubleday  It's Showtime! 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Joy of Jazz                    Rene Marie                    Sound of Red

Something's Coming       Arthur Lipner                   ...Performs West Side Story

L'il Darlin'                     Jazz Passengers/Bill Ware Individually Twisted

Slow Hot Wind             Pucho/William Bivens, Jr.  ...and His Latin Soul Brothers

In Hop                         David Friedman               Thursday

The Cape Verdean Blues Stefon Harris/Blackout     Sonic Creed 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Sound of Red Rene Marie.jpg
Ted Piltzecker.jpg

May 7, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Steppish           Steps Ahead/Mike Mainieri               Steppin' Out

Kalunga            Ted Piltzecker & Co.                         Steppe Forward

Getting Some Fun Out of Life    Madeleine Peyroux       Keep Me In Your Heart                                                                             A While

Ruth                Joe Chambers                                   Dance Kobina

Dirge              Frank Giasullo/Nick Krolak                 Kensal Road 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

April 30, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Ball of Fire                          Jazz Jamaica All Stars/Orphy Robinson   Massive

Ecstasy                              Art Van Damme/Heribert Thusek             Ecstasy

Pauline's Place                    Terry Gibbs                             Take It From Me

Chimney Road                    Karl Berger                                          Transit

Things Ain't What They Used To Be  Milt Jackson                       Mostly Duke 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Jazz Jamaica Massive.jpg
Milt Jackson Jazz 'n' samba.jpg

April 23, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Jazz 'n' Samba         Milt Jackson                                Jazz 'n' Samba

RKM                       Three Voices/Rusty Burge              Transitions

Inner Rhythm             Jay Hoggard                              The Right Place

Lover Man               Stefan Bauer                               Coast to Coast

Metropolis               KunaTones                                  Rhythms of Passion

The More I See You  Kevin Hart/Michael Janisch            Jazz for Babies 

                               Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

April 16, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Chovendo Na Roseira      James Weir/Mauricio De Souza    Trajetorias

Transit                            Karl Berger                                 Transit

Los Them                        David Friedman                           Rios

La Tierra Hermosa            Jay Hoggard                               The Right Place

Dindi (Live)                     Gal Costa/Antonio Carlos Jobim     Rio Revisited 

                                                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Tomas Janzon Nomadic.jpg

April 9, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

SubconsciousLee-Hot House           Tomas Janzon/Steve Nelson           Nomadic

What's Your Story, Morning Glory   Cecilia Smith               The Mary Lou Williams Resurgence Project Vol. 1

Love Walked In  George Shearing/Buddy Montgomery       George Shearing and the Montgomery Brothers 

Summer Nights                            Bobby Hutcherson                        Stick-Up!

Remember                                  Anita O'Day                                Travelin' Light

My Shining Hour                         Ulysses Owens, Jr./Joel Ross           Falling Forward  

                                                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

April 2, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

USQ                      Tyrone Brown/Randy Sutin   Moon of the Falling Leaves

Encouragement        Steve Davis/Steve Nelson    Bluesthetic

A Breeze                Mike Freeman                    Wiggle Stomp

Meet the Flintstones  Emil RIchards                      Luntana

Telephone Song       Getz/Gilberto/Burton         Getz Au Go Go

A Lullaby for Benny   Hendrik Meurkens              Christmas Vibes  

                            Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Randy Sutin.jpg

March 26, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Body and Soul            Brandon Sanders/Warren Wolf       Compton's Finest 

It's Not for Me to Say   George Shearing/Emil Richards       Latin Lace

Malaguena                 Bria Skonberg/Stefon Harris           Bria

This Nearly Was Mine   Paul Jost                                     Breaking Through

After You've Gone         Jon Metzger                                Times Fly

Bye-Bye (Peter Gunn Theme)     The Complete Sarah Vaughan  on Mercury

                            Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

March 12, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Warren Wolf.jpg

Epilogue          Aaron Diehl/Warren Wolf  The Bespoke Man's                                                              Narrative

I Loves You Porgy       Tony Miceli                Looking East

The Hunter Gets Captured Kevin Mahogany Pride And Joy

La Malanga             Ted Piltzecker             Standing Alone

Valeria                    Milt Jackson/MJQ    Complete Recordings

Lullaby of the Leaves  Billy Eckstine/Larry Bunker   Imagination 

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

March 19, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

64 Bars on Wilshire   Chuck Redd... Remembers Barney Kessel

All of a Sutin              Randy Sutin             Shades of Green

Nardis                      Dave Samuels           Mosaic

Swans' Dance          Kawnik/Michalik     Vibraphone & Guitar

Can't Hide Love        Don Braden       Earth Wind And Wonder

I Had the Craziest Dream  Bob Dorough      Devil May Care 

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Chuck Redd.webp

March 5, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Used to Be Jackson   Joe Locke               Rev-elation

Invitation     Tomas Janzon/Steve Nelson 130th And Lenox

Now!                    Bobby Hutcherson    Now!

Dance Me to the End of Love

                            Madeleine Peyroux   

                                    Keep Me in Your Heart for A While

Little Karin   Arturo Serra/Miguel Casany   Black Narcissus

Love You Madly  Rachael Price/Warren Wolf  The Good Hours

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

February 20, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Steve Yeager.jpg

Kiss Me Quick         Steve Yeager                     Vibraharp

There Ain't No Sweet Man  Red Norvo              El Rojo

For All We Know     Boz Scaggs                       But Beautiful 

Dirge                     Frank Giasullo                   Kensal Road

Black Is the Color    Cecilia Smith Quartet       High Standards

Tierney Sutton Band   Every Little Thing        The Sting Variations 

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

February 27, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

The Best Thing For You  Frits Landesbergen         Alone Together

Perdido                      The Nice Jazz Trio                Nice Too

I'm Not Supposed to Be Blue Blues  Anita O'Day/Cal Tjader  

                                                                        Time for 2

Silence                      Erik Jekabson/Smith Dobson  Anti-Mass

Blues for Ukraine         Arthurs/Lamattina                Jazz It Up!

                                           Ukrainian Songs  for Three Dads

Mr. PC                      Steve Hobbs                 Spring Cycle

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Frits Landesbergen.jpg

February 6, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good  Milt Jackson  Jazz 'n' Samba

House of the Rising Sun Frank Giasullo Quartet    Kensal Road

Special Things         Chien Chien Lu                 Built In System

Alone Together         Christian Tamburr              People Talk

Del Sol                   Dave Samuels                  Del Sol     

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Milt Jackson Jazz 'n' samba.jpg

January 30, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Jalen Baker 2.16.19 c&e 2760.jpg

                                                                      photo by G. Krolak


Be Still               Jalen Baker                             Be Still

Wichita Lineman  Dave Stryker/Bob Mintzer/WDR Blue Soul

Wee See           The Wee Trio                Capitol Diner Vol.1 

Emily                 Tony Miceli                             Invitation

Soul Sauce (Guachi Guara)   Cal Tjader             Soul Sauce  

                       Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

February 13, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Terry Gibbs Take It From Me.jpg

8lbs 10ozs             Terry Gibbs    Take It From Me

Miles Through You    Matthius Lupri After Hours Moonlamps and                                                  Other Ballads

Asiatic Raes            Joe Chambers  Horace to Max

Just Friends             Charlie Parker The Original Recordings of                                Charlie Parker

In the Gloaming       Mike Mainieri   An American Diary

A Hard Day's Night  John Bucchino   Beatles Reimagined

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Martin Fabricius New World.png

January 9, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Beef No More        Martin Fabricius Trio     New World

A Lullaby for Benny  Hendrik Meurkens       Christmas Vibes 

The Girls Next Door  Pat Metheny Group     We Live Here

Kurt Elling              The More I Have You    Man in the Air

Jalen Baker            Lexi's Lullaby                Be Still

Milt Jackson           Namesake                  Big Bags 

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

January 23, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at


Softly As In A Morning Sunrise  Tomas Janzon  130th & Lenox

My Foolish Heart                  Tom Teasley       Satin Doll

Satin Doll                            Art Van Damme   Ecstasy

Mas Que Nada                   Nanny Assis    Double Rainbow

Audrey's Dance                    Dmitri Matheny     Jazz Noir

Cold Duck                           Dave Stryker     Groove Street 

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

January 16, 2024
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Emil Richards Luntana.webp

Little Sunflower               Emil Richards           Luntana

Golden Lady                 Dmitri Matheny         Jazz Noir

A Very Good Man         Martin Fabricius Trio  New World

Escualo                       Gary Burton             Libertango

A Little More Each Day   Joe Locke                Subtle Disguise

Get Up Close               Eldad Tarmu             Get Up Close  

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

December 19, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern on WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Sleigh Ride              Hendrik Meurkens       Christmas Vibes

Fool For Yule      Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet    Fool For Yule

Do You Hear What I Hear?  Warren Wolf     Christmas Vibes

Christmas Time Is Here  Dave Stryker      Eight Track Christmas

Transition 2                Three Voices              Transitions

Circles                   Joe Chambers        Samba de Maracatu

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Hendrik Meurkens.jpg

November 15, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Bobby Hutcherson Oblique .jpg

Theme from "Blow Up"   Bobby Hutcherson     Oblique          Audrey's Dance            Dmitri Matheny          Jazz Noir

Aldeja De Ogum          Kym Ambrose     Casa da Boa Vida

Goodnight Sweet Cat    Dan McCarthy   

                                       A Place Where We Once Lived

Chu's Blues                  Christian Tamburr       Place

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

December 12, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Stefon Harris Tchaikovsky.jpg

Marche Touche         Stefon Harris and Classical Jazz Quartet

                                                                 Play Tchaikovsky

A Child Is Born         Jim Hart    Jazz for Babies, The Vibraphone

Skating                   Warren Wolf                   Christmas Vibes

Could You Be Loved  Monty Alexander              Stir It Up 

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   The Nice Trio   Nice,Very

All Through the Night  Hendrik Meurkens           Christmas Vibes

                    Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Nanny Assis Jazz Cruise January '230413.jpg

Nanny Assis   Jazz Cruise   Jan '23

November 28, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Harbor Freeway  Jack Wilson/Roy Ayers   The Jack Wilson                                                              Quartet

Full Circle      Herb Pilhofer/Steve Yeager   Full Circle

Lush Life                 Joe Locke                  Makram

Cinema Paradiso    Tierney Sutton            Paris Sessions 2

The Awakening      Christian Tamburr        The Awakening

Just Listen               Chien Chien Lu          Built In System

                 Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

November 7, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

SF Jazz Collctive.webp

Synthesis of a Band, Part 3  SF Jazz Collective/Warren Wolf

                                      The Music of Joe Henderson

Cool Desert Rondo             Arthur Lipner

                                      Portraits in World Jazz

I Was A Little Too Lonely      Bria Skonberg/Stefon Harris


Nuages                            Milt Jackson

                                       Ballad Artistry of Milt Jackson

Fotografia                          Mauricio de Suoza/Jerry Weir


Do You Know What It Means Ted Piltzecker

                                        Standing Alone 

           Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

October 31, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

A Ra                   Nanny Assis               Double Rainbow

Close Your Eyes    Cal Tjader                  Black Orchid

Moon of the Falling Leaves  Tyrone Brown/Randy Sutin

                                      Moon of the Falling Leaves

Prologue              Aaron Diehl/Warren Wolf

                                       The Bespoke Man's Narrative

Just In Time          Rickie Lee Jones/Mike Mainieri

                                        Pieces of Treasure

Consternation     Tito Puente   Concord Jazz Heritage Series

Consider Me Gone Christian McBride/Sting 

                                         Conversations with Christian 

           Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

October 17, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Life Could Be Wonderful    Steve Shapiro - Annie Sellick

Montara                          Warren Wolf

Django                            Nate Najar - Chuck Redd

Bonita Cuba                     Kurt Elling

Titan Up                           Wee Trio - James Westfall

           Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner

Steve Shapiro Backward Compatible .webp

October 10, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at


Cuban Chant     Steve Pouchie

Nancy Bobby     Hutcherson

Waltz for Debby Warren Chiasson

Iris                    Tomas Janzon

Main Stem         Milt Jackson

O Grande Amor David Friedman


             "Morning Song"

               Arthur Lipner

Tomas Janzon Nomadic.jpg

September 26, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Rob's Piano                  -Tomas Janzon/Steve Nelson  -Nomadic

The Lamp Is Low           -George Shearing/Buddy Montgomery

                                 -George Shearing & the Montgomery                                          Brothers

Now's the Time to Groove  -Terry Gibbs     -The Terry Gibbs                                              Songbook

Open Your Eyes            -Anthony Smith     -Songs From A                                                Lighter Planet

If I Only Had A Brain     -Ted Piltzecker       -Vibes On A Breath

                Theme "Morning Song" Arthur Lipner 

Stevee Hobbs.webp

August 22, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana
 and streaming online at

The Woody the Woodpecker Song  Steve Hobbs Quartet

                                                 Vibes, Straight Up

Well, You Needn't  Emil Richards Yazz Band Yazz, Per Favore

The  Day After        Matthias Lupri  After Hours - Moonlamps                                                    and Other Ballads

Footprints               Dave Stryker/Steve Nelson Strykin' Ahead

Yardbird Suite         Bob Dorough/Jack Hitchcock Devil May                                                                             Care

            Theme Song "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 

Terry Gibbs (3).jpg

September 12, 2023
Mornin' Glory

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Stay With Me Tonight  Terry Gibbs Legacy Band Terry Gibbs                                                                        Songbook

Jinrikisha                Jalen Baker                  Be Still

We'll Get Through This Ted Piltzecker           Vibes on a Breath

Stargazer              Nicholas Krolak/Ethan Fisher  Chicory Root Moonglow            Teddy Charles              Salute to Hamp

Ritmo Caliente        Cal Tjader       The Very Best of Cal Tjader

               Theme "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 


September 5, 2023
Mornin' Gloria

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at

Grant Green Idle Moments.jpg

Jean De Fleur    Grant Green/Bobby Hutcherson Idle Moments

Cloud Hopping Dan McCarthy A Place Where We Once Lived

Say It (Over and Over Again)   Steve Yeager      Collective Vibe

Such Is Autumn  Pheralyn Dove/Randy Sutin Moon of the Falling                                                              Leaves

Jordu                Tito Puente/Terry Gibbs Tito Puente & Friends

Time Off           Steve Turre/Stefon Harris Keep Searchin'

             Theme "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 

August 29, 2023
Mornin' Gloria

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana and streaming online at


Vian-De   The Dave Pike Set   Noisy Silence-Gentle Noise

I Thought About You  Thomas Mackay Quintet  Here's That Rainy                                                                 Day

A Remark You Made   Steve Shapiro       Xylophobia

Your Bad Self             Tony Marino        Family and Friends

You're the Dangerous Type Julie Kelly       Happy to Be

Travel South               Karl Berger          Around 

               Theme "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 

Mike Freeman.jpg

August 15, 2023
Mornin' Gloria

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF FM radio 105.7 and streaming online 

Those Venetian Blinds Mike Freeman Zonavibe Venetian Blinds 

It's A Grand Night For Swinging Cecilia Smith The Mary Lou                            Williams Resurgence Project Vol 1

Tangerine        Peter Appleyard The Lost 1974 Sessions

Marimba Beat  Arthur Lipner Portraits in World Jazz

Canon            Anat Cohen/James Shipp Quartetinho 

                Theme "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 

August 8, 2023
Mornin' Gloria

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF FM radio 105.7 and streaming online 

Vibes, Good Better Best
updated 2023

Let me introduce you to my thirteen-year-old. “Good Vibes,” my radio show, now called "Mornin' Gloria," features the vibraphone, an instrument I became enchanted with the first time I heard it. And all these years later it still captivates me.

Briefly, Lionel Hampton and Red Norvo introduced it to jazz in the 1930s.  Hampton had been a drummer and Norvo (real name Kenneth Norville) had been experimenting with mallet instruments of all kinds, the xylophone and the marimba, for example.  To really love the sound, though, all you have to do is listen to it, which you can do at WETF FM radio 105.7 or streaming online.     The show airs on Tuesday mornings at 8 eastern.  

Mike Mainieri.jpg

February 2023 Good Vibes

February 5, 8-10 eastern

February 8, 4-6p eastern and streaming online 

In February, this is what's on:

Mike Mainieri "Praise"

The Nice Jazz Trio "In Your Own Sweet Way"

Thomas Mackay Quintet "I Thought About You"

Art Van Damme/Heribert Thusek "Sunday Kind of Love"

Simon Moullier "Hot House"

Double Image "Dusk" 

And that's just the first half hour!  There's lots more. 

Check it out.  

January 2023 Good Vibes

January 1, 8-10p eastern

January 4, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

George Shearing Latin Lace.jpg

Happy New Year, Vibrafans! I hope 2023 is a good year for all of you.  

George Shearing opens the January show with Emil RIchards on vibes, ""Mambo #2."  We continue to explore new albums from Steve Shapiro, Simon Moullier and Nate Jajar with Chuck Redd on vibes.  And we continue to find joy in older albums with both new material and time-honored standards, like "Stolen Moments" (Steve Yeager), and "What A Little Moonlight Can Do" (Larry Bunker.)  

Tune in!  

Memories of You    Lionel Hampton      The Platinum                                                           Collection

Heartstrings           Milt Jackson           Very Tall

Tenderly                Gary Burton          Departure

M*A*S*H           Bobby Hutcherson  Linger Lane

How's Your Mother-in-Law? Red Norvo  The Forward                                                            Look 

               Theme "Morning Song' Arthur Lipner 

Lionel Hampton.webp

August 2023
Mornin' Gloria

Tuesday mornings at 8eastern
WETF FM radio 105.7 and streaming online 

I’m back on the radio, ladies and gentlemen!

WETF FM radio, the jazz station in South Bend, Indiana, and home to two dozen or so jazz programs covering every variety, is our new home.  “Mornin’ Gloria” will air on Tuesday mornings at 8eastern for a half hour.  If I thought choosing 20 tunes for a two-hour program was tough, imagine how hard it’s going to be to shave that down to five or six!  Since I can’t play everything all at once, I’m going to use your time wisely.  When you think about it, the tunes amount to the same number a month, just spread over four weeks. 

Since March, after wandering over the air waves searching for the exact right fit for “Good Vibes,” it was David Basse, jazz vocalist and radio host, who pointed me in WETF’s direction.  Brent Banilus, WETF board member and program director, has welcomed me and my obsession with the vibraphone, and I already feel like family. 

The following is the first playlist:

August 1, 2023, 8am eastern

Theme Song: “Morning Song” with Arthur Lipner on                 marimba and Nanny Assis percussion.

  1. Starting Over Arturo Serra Bobby!

  2. The Dog Days Behn Gillece Little Echo

  3. Love for Sale Joe Locke Makram

  4. Gentle Rain The Nice Trio Nice, Too

  5. Choro Em Paris Chuck Redd Swinging with the Nate Najar Quartet

May 2023 Good Vibes

You may have noticed I haven't posted any new programs since February.  WWFM/JazzOn2 and I have parted ways.  This statement says it all: 

When respect is no longer served it's time to leave the table. 

I left them a good tip, though - 149 editions of Good Vibes over nearly 14 years.  Winifred Howard, my original program director, taught me everything I know.  I knew when she announced she was leaving that things would change.  

So, I'm hunting for a new home for

Good Vibes.  I'm excited to find one as there is so much new music I want to share with you! Soon as I do, I'll let you know here.  

Meanwhile, check out my CD on the just-created NEW tab, Jazz Words Spoken,  with vibraphonist Steve Yeager.  

Simon Moullier.jpg

December '22 Good Vibes

December 4, 8-10p eastern

November 7, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

November '22 Good Vibes

November 6, 8-10p eastern

November 9, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Welcome to Simon Moullier who plays vibraphone on an instrumental version of "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" this month.  In memory of Pucho (George Brown), "Slow Hot Wind," also known as "Lujon," from his CD Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers.   

In case you've noticed I've been playing "Blues for Ukraine" quite frequently, there is a reason.  As it turns out, WWFM's demographics reveal that among international cities, Moscow rates highest in our foreign listenership! Who would have guessed?   


Hi Vibrafans,

In November Anthony Smith opens the show with "Condo in the Jungle."  The photo above seems appropriate, doesn't it? In memory of Ramsey Lewis "Sun Goddess" is on the playlist.  

Lionel Hampton joins the Ron Aprea Orchestra with vocalist Angela DeNiro for a rendition of "Midnight Sun" that Hampton called "better than anybody."  Listen to that conversation on the album, Swingin' With Legends.  

I should call November "Steve Month."  We've got Steve Shapiro, Steve Yeager, Steve Nelson (with trombonist Steve Davis) and a Stevie Wonder tune in the Where Jazz Goes segment.  Lots more musicians not named Steve.  Tune in! 

October '22 Good Vibes

October 2, 8-10p eastern

October 5, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hi Vibrafans!

Welcome back to Jerry Weir who plays vibes on Mauricio de Souza's CD Trajetorias.  Seems like it's been a long time and Jerry is an excellent player.  Same goes for Thomas Mackay. 

Steve Shapiro is back with a new album, Plan To Be Spontaneous, and the Hazelrigg Brothers present their new issue Songs We Like on the Where Jazz Goes segment with a jazz arrangement of a Jethro Tull tune. 

So much more.  Tune in!  

trajetorias2017 (1).jpeg

September '22 Good Vibes

September 4, 8-10p eastern

September 7, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Frits Landesbergen.jpg

Welcome Frits Landesbergen to Good Vibes!  He opens the September program with Irving Berlin's "The Best Thing For You."  A listener request brings us "Bye-Bye," the Peter Gunn theme, with lyrics!  Two night watching tunes, "Stargazer" by Nick Krolak and "Orion" by Steps Ahead.  Steve Yeager puts Sara Teasdale poems to music, "Promise of Love," and Jerry Weir plays Hermeto Pascoal's "Bebe."  I introduce AfroBlueGrazz by Pascal Bokar and I play a favorite, Steve Shapiro's "Swingleberry."  They're in season now, I hear.  

So much more!

Blues Man from Memphis.jpg

Paddle "Up A Lazy River" with me, as played by the Ball State University Jazz Ensemble on their new album, I Can See the Other Side.  That's a summer tune if ever I heard one! 

Sandwiched between another big band, the Knoxville Jazz Orchestra and "Theme for Malcolm," is the solo piano of Marc Copland playing Joni Mitchell's "I Don't know Where I Stand," from his album Alone.  And all the other combos in which the vibraphone is so at home, with favorites like Behn Gillece and Warren Wolf, to name but a few.  Last but not least, the recognition of our national birthday with "America" times four.  Check it out!

July '22 Good Vibes

July 3, 8-10p eastern

July 6, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

May '22 Good Vibes

May 1, 8-10p eastern

May 4, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Happy Spring, Everyone!

May's Good Vibes is ready and set to go.  We just completed our twelfth year, thanks to you and JazzOn2.  

We open with vibes players Jim Hart, Cecilia Smith and Terry Gibbs.  Eddie Costa, Mike Mainieri and Joe Locke follow. Hendrik Meurkens, Warren Wolf and Bobby Hutcherson.  There's more! Lots more! Tune in.  

Warren Wolf 2013 Detroit Jazz.jpeg

June '22 Good Vibes

June 5, 8-10p eastern

June 8, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

JazzOn2 has a large listening audience in Baltimore, MD, so my first tune is dedicated to you - Warren Wolf's "Soul Sister."  Wolf is a Baltimore native, an extraordinary vibraphonist, and multi-instrumentalist. Not to mention the most buff vibes player ever.  

Anthony Smith, Tom Teasley, Mike Mainieri, Stefon Harris and Cal Tjader are just a few of the vibists who show up before we close with Bobby Hutcherson.  It's another  unique and low key playlist of "non-agitated" jazz programming, a description I've borrowed from Alan Petersen of The Nice Jazz Trio, who also shares a tune with us in the June edition of Good Vibes.  Hip but no hype!

Kevin Hart Words & Music.jpg

April '22 Good Vibes

April 3, 8-10p eastern

April 6, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

This is a special time of year, April is Jazz Appreciation Month.  It began in 2001 to recognize and celebrate our unique national heritage by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and initially funded by the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation.  This month's program is filled with suggestions to show your appreciation of jazz.  

I'm playing a very special tune this month in honor of Ukraine and its brave people.  "Blues for Ukraine" is from the album Jazz It Up! Ukrainian Songs for Three Dads, recorded in 2018.  Bob Arthurs plays horns and sings, Steve Lamattina plays guitar.  I hope you're as moved by it as I am.  

Also on the playlist is a tune by Khan Jamal, who passed away in January at the age of 75.  Jamal

was a key figure in the Philly-based jazz scene, a sublime performer and visionary composer. 

Celebrate Jazz!  

March '22 Good Vibes

March 6, 8-10p eastern

March 9, 4-6p eastern

JazzOn2 or streaming online 

Some traveling this month; San Juan, Phoenix, and an Afternoon in Paris (a little wishful thinking). Bobby Hutcherson shares his "Hearthaches" with us; Milt Jackson wishes his a Good Morning. Tom Teasley, world percussionist, joins on vibraphone with Coltrane's "Equinox."  Arthur Lipner is "Cool" on the West Side Story marimba solo; and young NJ pianist Whitaker piano solos on a Stevie Wonder tune in Where Jazz Goes.  Vocalist Madeleine Peyroux surprises with a Leonard Cohen tune.  Tune in!

JazzOn2 and eventually on  

Bobby Hutcherson Gettin Around_.jpg

February '22 Good Vibes

February 6, 8-10p eastern

February 9, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

If thinking of a juicy orange lights up a craving for you right now, then you know how I felt when as a child I first heard the tune "Tangerine."  And now, many years later, it still calls to mind that sweet little fruit, not the alluring but self-centered South American temptress it’s really named for. Peter Appleyard's "Tangerine" opens February's Good Vibes.  Sandwiched between Ulysses Owens Jrs., "Sleep on It," are a couple of older tracks by Joe Locke and Behn Gillece, 

Warren Wolf on piano on the bluesy "Mood Indigo" with Rachel Price, and a track from a Christmas album I received too late to play for the season, the classic "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" with Chuck Redd on vibes.  Included in the Where Jazz Goes segment is Paul Jost's tender treatment of Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country." 

An update on goings-on at JazzOn2:

We're back up after an equipment failure kept us off the air for two months (That's why there's no January show.) And our dearly beloved leader, Winifred Howard, is hanging on until the end of March before she retires.    

Dave Stryker Christmas.jpg
Grant Green Idle Moments.jpg

November '21 Good Vibes

November 7 8-10p eastern

November 10, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


And I'm listening to Christmas music in prep for December (Warren Wolf, Dave Stryker, Jay Hoggard, for example). But I get ahead of myself.

Back to November.   Blue November (Joe Locke) Some lovely ladies (Jean De Fleur, Waltz for Hannah) and a few dance steps (Jive Samba, RMM Mambo).  A share of standards like What's New and On Green Dolphin Street. Then there's Yimba Rudo and "I Dig Facts, Man."  And if you think I'm editorializing, you're right. I am!  

And more!

Listen in. 


Hey All,
Put December 5th on your calendar for the December edition of Good Vibes. 8pm eastern, Jazzon2. And Dec 8 at 4pm.
There's a sprinkling of holiday/winter tunes, a dash of standards, a dollop of rock and pop remakes on Where Jazz Goes and my always interesting patter. Learn why the theme song from Frasier, played by Gary Burton and Friends, is named "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs."
Shows are also posted after they air on JazzOn2 at Search Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak.
While you're here, see my book

Jazz verse in the Key of Jazz and my photographs.
Enjoy Thanksgiving!
Good Vibes

ALERT: We're having a changeover of program directors in 2022. Winifred Howard has been a stalwart of jazz in general and of vibraphone programming in particular and I will miss her terribly. There is a chance the general manager may opt out of the jazz format. If that happens you'll be hearing the last of GK on GV, sad to say.

December '21 Good Vibes

December 5, 8-10p eastern

December 8, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

October '21 Good Vibes

October 3, 8-10p eastern

October 6, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hey Vibrafans, 

The October program will be airing soon at JazzOn2 and I hope you'll be listening. 

Rolando Morales-Matos opens with "El Cumbanchero" (The Fun Lover), followed by Stefon Harris on "Thandiwa," (Beloved One) and a track by Jalen Baker from his new CD, "Faith."  

Pheralynn Dove and Tyrone Brown (with Randy Sutin on vibes) welcome our old friend Autumn with attitude ("Such Is Autumn").  And we continue exploring Eldad Tarmu's Jazz Chamber Ensemble from Songs for the Queen of Bohemia, the fantastical story of a traveler to a new land who enchants everyone he meets with the sounds of a strange vibrating instruments. 

That's just the first half-hour.  Much more!

Meanwhile, go jump in a pile of leaves.  It's that time of year.  

September '21 Good Vibes

September 5, 8-10p eastern

September 8, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


September's Good Vibes is nearly here and it features two singles, the first  by Joe Locke. It's Stevie Nick's "Landslide," which she wrote in Aspen.  She was feeling like she was at the center of an avalanche of emotions and so the metaphor is entirely appropriate.  Locke's version is as tender as it gets.  

The other single is by Cleveland musicians, The Nice Jazz Trio, the standard "Taking a Chance on Love."  Is releasing music as singles a new trend?

The show opens with Bobby Hutcherson who settled in California and wrote the tune "Highway One," for the Pacific Coast Highway.  I was raised along the East's own Highway One, better known as Route 1, which travels from Maine to the Florida Keys.  It's not as scenic as Hutcherson's byway, but it serves the same purpose, moving people up and down the coast. 

Chuck Redd and La Lucha close the show with "Lullaby Medley" where Redd is a guest of the trio.  

In the middle we continue to explore Eldad Tarmu's new chamber jazz release, Dan McCarthy's excellent new offfering and Tony Marino's "Your Bad Self." We all have one, and this tune is a naughty  reminder. 

The August Good Vibes is ready, set, and nearly go, full of interesting new players and albums.   Vibes players Jalen Baker, Tony Marino, Alan Petersen and Dan McCarthy are on the new-ish side, at least as far as Good Vibes is concerned.  Eldad Tarmu introduces his Chamber Jazz Ensemble with a concept album and Joe Locke releases a simply must-hear new single, "All Along the Watchtower/Breathe."  He combines Bob Dylan's "Watchtower" with his own lyrics, "Breathe," a heart grabbing statement on racial injustice. 

Tierney Sutton and Al Jarreau sing a duet in the Where Jazz Goes segment. There's a fine blend of classics ("Sophisticated Lady" and "Naima") with contemporary tunes like Behn Gillece's "The Dog Days," a year-round favorite.  Tune in! 


August '21 Good Vibes

August 1, 8-10p eastern

August 4, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Jon Metzger.jpg

July 2021 Good Vibes

July 4, 8-10p eastern

July 7, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Dan McCarthy, one of two debut artists on this month's Good Vibes, plays a tender piece of his own composition, "Goodnight Sweet Cat."  The album is A Place Where We Once Lived, written for his and his family's move to Toronto after living in New York for many years.

Also new, La Lucha, a trio of John C. O'Leary III on piano, Alejandro Arenas on electric bass and Matt Feinman at the drums. The track "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," a 1985 Tears for Fears tune that appears in my Where Jazz Goes segment in the second hour.  Melissa Aldano guests on tenor sax.  

Jon Metzger opens the show with a track from The Spinner, and Bob Dorough, with a little help from Jack Hitchcock on vibes, plays his own "Midnight Sun."  All good stuff in between too.  Tune in! JazzOn2.

Don't forget you can listen to Good Vibes at Type "Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak" into the search box.  

June 2021 Good Vibes

June 7, 8-10p eastern

June 10, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hey Vibrafans,

Remember the Henry Mancini theme song to "Mr. Lucky," a program that lasted only one season?  It's on June's Good Vibes, played by the Buddy Rich Big Band in the segment Where Jazz Goes.  Behn Gillece lets us know he's "Glad to Be Back," Bobby Hutcherson has an "Inner Glow" and Susan Pascal takes us to the movies with "Film Noir."  

Much, much more on this edition of Good Vibes.  Tune in!  JazzOn2


On Sunday, May 2nd Good Vibes is celebrating 11 years broadcasting! That's a lot vibraphone jazz over the airwaves.
Each tune is special, selected carefully from among the thousands in my collection. Choosing them is the fun part. Researching them often leads me down the internet rabbit hole where I can spend more time than I intended.
A good example is Anthony Smith's "Blackberry Winter," on his Connections, Vol 1, a gorgeous ballad written by Alec Wilder and Loonis McGlohon. I discovered there is a real thing referred to by farmers as a blackberry winter, then a locust winter, dogwood winter, linsey-woolsey britches winter. If you're as curious as I am, you'll want to know that the phrase arose from the belief that "a spring cold snap helps the blackberry canes start growing." (Wikipedia) I think the same would apply to locust trees and dogwoods, while the last one means you can finally put away your long johns.
It's also the title of a short story by Robert Penn Warren, a 2006 movie directed by Brent Stewart about a cannibal clown in the Antebellum South. Blackberry Winter is also the title of anthropologist Margaret Mead's autobiography (1972). Vietnam has its own version of blackberry winter. Called Miss Ban's Winter, it's an intricate folk tale of the clumsy Miss Ban and the suit of clothes she tries to make for her husband. English farmers call it blackthorn winter and the Finnish call it "takatalvi" (back winter).
And there is more. Another tune by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz, recorded on the B-side of Mitch Miller's recording of The Yellow Rose of Texas, a number 1 hit in the U.S. in 1955. It is also the name of symphony by composer Conni Ellisor, and a ballet based on this composition. Who knew?
I climb out of that rabbit hole, finally, knowing I can't share all of this on the radio, and look at the next 20 tunes on the list. Every one has a story.
Here's to year #12!
PS: Don't forget you can listen to Good Vibes on

May 2021 Good Vibes

May 2, 8-10p eastern

May 4, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


April 2021 Good Vibes

April 4, 8-10p eastern

April 7, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


April is Jazz Appreciation Month.  It's great to have a whole month, not just a day, but I know you and I appreciate jazz all year.  In this month's show I share many of the ways listeners can show they care.  If you know others I haven't mentioned, let me know.  But first you have to listen to the show, right? 
Two new vibes players, it's always exciting to discover them.  Susan Pascal hails from Seattle and Abe Lagrimas, Jr. was born and raised in Hawaii.  Pascal will play on "Audrey's Dance" with horn player Dmitri Matheny.  It's on the CD Jazz Noir.  The tune was inspired by the character Audrey Horne from the quirky TV series Twin Peaks, played by Sherilyn Fenn. Lagrimas plays both vibes and ukelele on Ukelele Vibes.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The tune is "Cookies and Ice Cream."  Listen to Chuck, Lem, Stefon, Terry, Milt, Joe, Gary and many more!
Also, check out to listen to Good Vibes on your own schedule.  Type Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak in the search bar.  I post Good Vibes there after they've played on JazzOn2.  They go back to June of 2020.   

March 2021 Good Vibes

March 7, 8-10p eastern

March 10, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


February 2021 Good Vibes

February 7, 8-10p eastern

February 10, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Good Vibes, the first and only broadcast program to feature the vibraphone, will air on March 7, 2021 and March 10, 2021. Details below.
I wish Joe Locke and Stefon Harris happy March birthdays by playing Joe's "The Shadow of Your Smile" from Sound Tracks and Stefon's "Easy Now" from the album Keep Searchin'. Gary Burton reunites with Astor Piazzolla, Bryan Carrott is In Your Dreams, Behn goes to church, and Tony tells Porgy of his love. So much more! Tune in.
I'm also posting shows on where you can listen anytime.
Winter is almost over. I hope for you it hasn't been as bad as predicted. I've had both vaccines but it's going to take some getting used to being all and about like "normal." What does that mean anymore, anyway?
By the way, La Chiquita Studio on Etsy is selling a cool Good Vibes doormat. $38.


February's Good Vibes is a varied, eclectic show of jazz

standards ("If You Could See Me Now" by Lolly Allen) and

new compositions ("Thanks, But No Thanks" by Steve Shapiro)

traditionalists ("If I Were A Bell" by Jon Metzger) and modern

("Aamos" by Severi Pyysalo), the mellow ("Early Morning" with

Lem Winchester)and the percussive ("Angel Eyes" with the

Kevin Hart Latin Jazz Quintet) all tied together by our favorite

Let's not forget the half-hour of Where Jazz Goes - The Rolling Stones, Sting and Lennon/McCartney compositions, for example.

My favorite piece in this playlist is Mike Mainieri's "America."  He's joined by alto saxman Charlie Mariano  and Dieter Ilg on bass.  Very moving.  


                                                  January 2021 Good Vibes

                                                                                                          January 3, 8-10p eastern

                                                                                                            January 6, 4-6p eastern

                                                                                   or streaming online 




Happy New Year!  May 2021 bring us all the relief we so need from the unrelenting Covid-19 we've experiened.  I, for one, celebrate a new administration and a new start.   

January's Good Vibes is overflowing with the best of the vibraphone scene today.  Steve Shapiro has a new group, Tri/0, through which he is experimenting with an electronic marimba, called the MalletKat.  The album is Try The Veal.  Steve Nelson's

new album with vocalist Naama Gheber is still in rotation, as we continue to explore it.  Same with Cobb's Pocket, the new CD by Hendrik Meurkens and Lolly Allen's Coming Home.  

Two hours on the Vibraphone Highway, punctuated by an off-road experience to follow Where Jazz Goes.  This month, Jorge Garcia with "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix) and Bill Frisell with John Lennon's "Woman."  



Try the Veal cover-800x800.jpg

December 2020 Good Vibes

December 6, 8-10p eastern

December 9, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hi Everyone, 
The December show is filled with happy tunes

Some do double duty as Christmas songs,

like Jay Hoggard on "Joy to the World," a

bunch actually have some form of "happy"

in their titles, including Spanish, and the closer,

Stevie Wonder's "Overjoyed," (Songs in the Key of Wonder) is just happy to the nth power.  Dany Doriz and his big band open with "Halle Hallelujah."  Some, like Tony and Paul's "Hush,"  and Steve Nelson with vocalist Naama Gheber playing "Since I Fell for You," are completely unrelated to anything going on.  But one tune says it all, "What A Difference A Day Makes," by the Steve Hobbs Quartet.    
Hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving as best you could.  It came with mixed blessings, not seeing those we love in person but also not having to put up with that annoying uncle or cousin.
good vibes 

Naama Gheber 2.jpg

November 2020 Good Vibes

November 1, 8-10p eastern

November 4, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hi All!

This is NEW! I've been posting my shows at Go to the website and in the search box on the top left, type Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak. There are a number of Good Vibes programs; none but mine feature the vibraphone. Hope that makes it easy for you all to listen whenever you want. I haven't advertised it, Vibes lovers, so it's up to you to build up those numbers. ;)


PS: If I'm not playing your new release it could be because I don't know about it. Write to me.


October 2020 Good Vibes

Oct 4, 8-10p eastern

Oct 7, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

Hi Everyone,
Hope you and your loved ones are all healthy and safe! I know what a tough time this is for musicians and so fervently wish we could get back to seeing and hearing you in live settings.
Meanwhile, the October show is slated for October 4 and 7.
It opens with my favorite election tune, "Elect 'Oral' Blues" by the Jerry Tachoir Group. The Blues with a capital "B" has got it just about right.
Here's the playlist of musicians alphabetically:
David B
David F
John Lolly Mike Nick Rusty Stefon Terry Tony Warren


September 2020 Good Vibes

September 6, 8-10p eastern

September 9, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

September always feels like New Year’s to me.  In the past it meant going back to school with new teachers, new notebooks, new clothes.  There were old friends to see and the possibility of making new ones.  It was always an exciting time filled with promise.  The weather would be crisp and in the air was the smell of leaves burning.  I loved that aroma!  Not to mention jumping in those leaf piles beforehand. 

September’s Good Vibes also seems like a new beginning.  The majority of the tunes I’ve not played before so they’re as new to me as they probably are to you.  We’re still exploring Dave Stryker’s newest release, as well as those by Thaddeus Tukes, Anthony Smith and Martin Fabricius. The View from Madeleine’s Couch is also their newest, as is Chris Dingman’s.  And let’s not forget Chuck Redd’s latest, Groove City.     

From older but well-loved albums are Bobby Hutcherson, Tony Miceli, Dave Pike, Warren Wolf, Joe Locke and Cal Tjader.   Behn Gillece joins the scene as do Arthur Lipner, Mike Freeman, Ted Piltzecker and Randy Sutin.  I feel like I’m taking roll call on the first day of school.  There are all their bright faces ready to share the music they’ve made over the summer.  Class is in session!


August 2020 Good Vibes

August 2, 8-10p eastern

August 5, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 

I hope you were able to catch last month’s all-Jobim program, played by an assortment of many our favorite vibraphone players.  If you were listening you may have noticed one important, well-loved Jobim composition that was omitted.  I didn’t have time to fit in “Girl from Ipanema”!  So, I’m making that up to you now with an arrangement by The View from Madeleine’s Couch on their newest album, Bossa Nova Sunset Club.  The album was recorded at a mountaintop studio in Australia’s Sunshine Coast.  The original is called “Garota de Ipanema.”  This version features Kym Ambrose on vibraphone and Anje West vocals.  The rest of the vibes crew includes, Bobby Hutcherson, Dave Samuels, Arthur Lipner, Emil Richards, David Friedman, newcomer Thaddeus Tukes, Arturo Serra and Warren Wolf.  That’s the first half!

In the Where Jazz Goes segment, which doesn’t always

include vibes players, I was surprised to hear David

Friedman on Bob James’ “Feel Like Making Love” on the

album One.  Roberta Flack had a giant hit in 1974 and

James recorded his instrumental that same year.  The rest of

that segment includes Gregory Porter on “The In Crowd,”

Dave (Brubeck) Digs Disney, Anthony Smith and Retrosonik

on “True,” and Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man,” by Dave

Stryker, Bob Mintzer and the WDR Big Band.  When we

come back to the Vibraphone Highway, we’ll be riding with Milt Jackson, Chuck Redd, Behn Gillece, Steve Nelson and Christian Tamburr.  A great line-up!

Christian Tamburr Voyage.jpg

July 2020 Good Vibes

July 5, 8-10p eastern

June 8, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


July is a first-of-its-kind program for Good Vibes; it features the work of just one composer, the Brazilian father of the bossa nova, Antonio Carlos Jobim.  The acclaimed composer and musician plays on a few of the tunes but most are performed by a select group of our favorite vibraphonists.  Solos by Gary Burton and Ted Piltzecker, and small groups with Behn Gillece, Roland Morales-Matos, Rusty Burge, Roy Ayers, Tony Miceli and more.  There are many enchanting vocals, including those of Gal Costa and Karrin Allyson.  Some of the tunes are familiar but others, like “Two Kites” and “Retrato Em Branco E Preto,” are less well-known.  This a major chill session for all the weary minds and hurting hearts suffering bravely through the events of the last few months.  Close your eyes, open your ears, and enjoy the soul-satisfying music of Maestro Jobim. 

Album cover photo by Pete Turner  

June 2020 Good Vibes

June 7, 8-10p eastern

June 10, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


Here’s what’s coming up in June.  We welcome Lolly Allen who makes her debut on Good Vibes with an Antonio Carlos Jobim tune, “O Grande Amor.”  Her album is Coming Home, just released in 2019.  Find out more about it in “Featured.” 

This month’s roster includes Behn, Bobby and Joe; Dave Pike, Steve Shapiro, and Anthony Smith; Chris Dingman, Fats Sadi, and Mike Freeman.  And more.  Denmark’s Martin Fabricius closes the show by sending us his “Best Wishes.”  Now is a good time to get reconnected to the radio.  Tune in to JazzOn2 and we’ll improve your day.  

Heads up for July.  I’ll feature a full two hours of Antonio Carlos Jobim as performed by the vibraphone players we love and several recorded by Jobim himself.  That’s July 5th at 8pm eastern. 


May 2020 Good Vibes

May 3, 8-10 eastern

May 6, 4-6 eastern or streaming online 


Hi Everyone,
I'm hoping you are all safe and healthy and doing what you need to do to stay that way!
I'm filing May's show very early, trying to keep ahead and free up time to help my friend with her mask-making endeavors. She's makin' 'em good to look at, color-coordinated from cheery fabrics. Mine is Minnie Mouse and Michael's got Batman. Mine are going to be made with some wild and colorful African prints.
So, Good Vibes, the real reason for writing this. May's show continues to explore new albums from Chuck Redd, Madeleleine's Couch, Christian Tamburr, Martin Fabricius and Behn Gillece. I'll be playing an amusing little piece from David Friedman called "Bubbles of Nothing." It's very short, only about a minute, and the bubbles are all in your imagination. Let 'em go. Das Vibenbass, a now defunct Seattle-based group, returns with a track I found online, "Da Loop." It's on HOP Records Anthology Vol. 1. (BTW, the record company is named for an ingredient used to make beer.) Justin Sorenson, the vibes player with the group, has been exploring other interests since the group's dismantling. I wish him well.
Stay positive!

April 5, 8-10p eastern

April 8, 4-6p eastern or streaming online 


April 2020 Good Vibes

Let's JAM!  That's Jazz Appreciation Month, celebrated

in April.  The tradition began in 2001 with the folks

at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of

American History and grows in scope every year.  

To celebrate, Milt Jackson starts us off with a trip

to "Tahiti," Mike Mainieri takes off on "Song of My

People," and Chuck Redd catches us crying over his

lovely rendition of "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Cryin'."

And so much more! 

Let me tell you a bit about Christian Tamburr's new CD The Awakening.  His inspiration were the statues by Seward Johnson at Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.  Throughout the park there are hundreds of super-realistic statues in natural settings.  A young woman lays on the grass reading, but as you tiptoe around her you realize she is one of Seward's subjects.  Tamburr wrote tunes for each of ten artworks, and the one I play this month is "Hiding in the Light," inspired by The Stainless Girl.  The highly polished work lays beside a waterfall. The CD cover is of The Awakening, a giant struggling to free himself from the ground.  There are sculptural re-creations of famous works of art, like Manet's Bridge Over Water Lilies.  Some of the statues are over-sized, as is the one of Marilyn Monroe who barely keeps her white dress from blowing up over her head.  The grounds are meticulous, populated with real peacocks and sprinkled with ponds and fountains.  The restaurant, Rats, lest you feel uneasy about eating there, is named for a very hospitable character in "The Wind in the Willows" by Kenneth Grahame.   Visit this playground of the arts, if you can.   


March 2020 Good Vibes

March 1, 8-10p

March 4, 4-6p or streaming online 

March is not so lamblike on Good Vibes.  It features four crazy good new albums.  Christian Tamburr, Chuck Redd, The View from Madeleine's Couch and Martin Fabricius are all offering new CDs.  Martin is from Denmark and this album sounds like the aurora borealis looks.  Chuck's Groove City is a place you'll want to go.  He plays Billy Strayhorn's "A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing." (Check out my photography page to realize how heartily I agree.) Christian was inspired by Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey, where J. Seward Johnson's super-realistic works pop out at you wherever you wander.  Lastly, Mad Couch, an Australian group, really lives in their Brazil of the mind.  Nothing wooly here. 

Stefon Harris transports us to Cape Verde, an island country off the coast of Africa. The Wee Trio reprises a favorite, "Tig Mack," and Warren Wolf elegantly melds Hoagy Carmichael's "Stardust" with Frederic Chopin's "The Minute Waltz."  March actually does go out with a lion, Lionel Hampton, that is, with "Running Home."  


February 2020 Good Vibes 

I took the month of January off to attend to some business and am now so glad to be back! Jazzon2

replayed the November show.  So, it's

February.  Here's the line-up:
Christos, Stefon, Gary, Chuck (two tracks),

Tim, Behn, Bobby, Hendrik, David, Arthur,

Steve N., Steve S., Tony, Kym, Jay and

Steve H.  A collection of the exceptional. You know them all, and if you don't, all the more reason to tune in.
My half hour of Where Jazz Goes includes two Sting tunes, two very different Beatles compositions, a Percy Mayfield hit and one from West Side Story. So, stay "Cool" and listen in.
Happy Valentine's Day,



December 2019 Good Vibes

The December show has aired but it’s still in rotation for a rebroadcast on Wednesday, Dec 4 at 4:00p.  You can still catch it at   It opens with a burner from MCcoy Tyner and Bobby Hutcherson, cools down with Cal Tjader’s “Black Orchid,” played by the Kevin Hart Latin Jazz Quintet, and picks up the pace again with Arturo Serra’s “The Sealer,” from Nebulosa.  I’m playing a track from Dave Stryker’s new Eight Track Christmas every half hour.   Teddy Charles, Steve Hobbs, Matthias Lupri and David Friedman pitch in, (pun intended), as do Joel Ross, and Dave Samuels.  In that order.  That’s just the first hour.  The second, Where Jazz Goes, opens with a new group from Sweden that recorded Phil Collins’ “Another Day in Paradise.”  Amidst the holiday merriment the Collins tune about homelessness is from the album is Four Wheel Drive.  There’s so much more.  Two ballads, “Blue Sojourn” by Behn Gillece, should touch your heart.  The second is the show closer, “Everything Must Change,” played by Jay Hoggard and written by Benard Eghner.  As always, IMHO, an                                      eclectic variety of the very best of the vibraphone. 


November 2019 Good Vibes 

Putting a radio show together turns out not to be so simple. 

There’s the tempo of each tune to consider, like the fast

paced “Yardbird Suite” (Gibbs) and “Alice’s Journey,”

(Gillece) and the slow pace of “Stargazer” (Fisher) and

“Dusk, ” (Rossy).  Mid-tempo tunes like “My One and

Only,” (Redd) and “Frankie and Johnny” (Wolf) help weave everything together. There should be variety among the composers. Jazz icons like Ellington and Charlie Parker share a spotlight with the newer kids in the flock, (Mancini). Classic tunes want to blend with contemporary and the timing has to come down literally to the second.  In a two-hour no-commercial program, it’s easiest to divide by four and put each quarter together.  There are 26 minutes of music per quarter, usually five songs.  Depending on their length, however, there could be six or four.  Allow three and a half minutes for announcements, including station ID at certain intervals.  That adds up to the required 59 minutes per hour. In a show like mine that features a specific instrument, I have to consider over a hundred vibraphone players and how often I play their music.  Some are more prolific, others who record less have less to play so the distribution of airtime may seem lopsided.  Something else to keep in mind are the combos themselves.  Have I played a big band (Dany Doriz), a solo record, a quartet, duo, vocal (Tierney Sutton) and are they equally distributed, not solo against solo?  Lastly, there is personal taste.  What I choose to play must be melodic.  It you can’t tap your feet, the music’s too offbeat. 

November 3, 8-10p eastern

November 6, 4-8p eastern,, click on jazzon2


October 2019 Good Vibes 


First, a welcome to Kevin Norton, a native New Yorker, who is new to Good Vibes.  Much of his work seems experimental but a track on his new album, Yimba Rudo, caught my ear.  It's "Winter Retreat" (we'll be there before we know it).  It's moody, icy and atmospheric. 

Joe Locke plays from an old album and Terry Gibbs from his newest and maybe, he says, last. (Happy Birthday, Terry!)  Tony Miceli plays on bassist Nicholas Krolak’s first release, then Tony comes back for a solo from Invitation.  Jerry Tachoir bemoans the "Elect 'Oral' Blues," (just the beginning, my friends) and Behn Gillece dedicates a tune to bossa nova pioneer Roberto Menescal, who also celebrates his birthday in October.  It’s on Behn’s Parallel Universe.  Stefon Harris plays vibes on Dave Stryker's "After the Dance," as well as a Stevie Wonder tune with the SF Jazz Collective.  David Friedman shares a track from his newest, Flight, and the Jazz Passengers (with Bill Ware) reprise "Imitation of a Kiss," to commemorate October as Domestic Violence Awareness Day.  The lyrics, sung by Deborah Harry, are stunningly real.  If you know someone in this situation the national hotline to share is:  1-800-799-SAFE (7233). 

I learned something about Maracatu, the northwestern Brazilian drumming groups for which Joe Chambers wrote “Samba de Maracatu” that appears on his Landscapes.  One parade group might include up to 100 drummers (imagine it!), singers with a chorus, dancers, costumed characters representing the area’s African and European roots.   Something to put on the bucket list. 

And more.  Enjoy the show!

October 6, 8-10p eastern,  Click on jazzon2. 

October 9, 4-6p eastern

September 2019 Good Vibes 

September’s Good Vibes boasts another vibes-packed

playlist.  I may not be celebrating a wedding, but I've

included something old ("Black Orchid" by Cal Tjader),

something new (Lucky To Be Me from David

Friedman's newest "Flight"), something borrowed

(five tunes borrowed from rock hit lists), and something

blue ("Samba D'Blue" with Steve Nelson).

Roy Ayers is on hand to celebrate his September birthday, Terry Gibbs pays homage to Lionel Hampton, both Hamp and Red show up to celebrate vibraphone beginnings, and Tony plays his tender solo of "Tennessee Waltz."  What more could you ask for? 

Many more. Like Mike Freeman and Zonavibe, Ed Saindon and Kenny Werner with an extended version of “Invitation,” Eddie Costa, Milt Jackson, Bill Ware, Stefon Harris & Blackout, and Bobby Hutcherson.  Welcome to vibes heaven!

September 1, 8-10p eastern,  Click on jazzon2. 

September 4, 4-6p eastern

Milt Jackson Bags & Flutes.jpg

August 2019 Good Vibes 

Cool off with some hot vibraphone jazz as Good Vibes, August Edition, racks 'em up for you.  The line-up is stellar, as always, with legend Milt Jackson, established names (for good reason) like Steve Nelson, Stefon Harris, Joe Locke and Tony Miceli, and the new man in town, Joel Ross.  Lots more!

There's always a good mix of standards, like those written by Mulgrew Miller, Lennie Tristano, Sidney Bechet, Horace Silver, Freddie Hubbard and Dizzy Gillespie, and more contemporary tunes by songwriters/vibraphonists Bill Ware and Behn Gillece.  Then there's the half hour following Where Jazz Goes. This month it's the disco-born "Street Life," Paul Simon, Lennon/McCartney, and the groups A-Ha and Steely Dan.  So much good music and so many things to learn about it. Did you know that Joe Sample, pianist, composer and founding member of the Jazz Crusaders, wrote "Street Life," a top 40 hit in the US and a Top 20 Billboard in the UK?  Will Jennings, who wrote lyrics to Eric Clapton's "Tears in Heaven," also write the lyrics to "Street Life."

July 2019 Good Vibes 

In July, there are a few albums I recently acquired

that I’m continuing to explore; Anthony Smith’s

double set, Songs from a Lighter Planet; Dinah

Sings Some Blues with Red (Norvo); Dave Stryker’s Eight

Track III with Stefon Harris; and Tyler Blanton’s

Sense of Place.   Also, The Sequel with Mulgrew

Miller and Steve Nelson.  Gary Burton has a set

of his own from Like Minds, Reunion and Libertango.   Jerry Tachoir celebrates George Shearing and Anita O’Day, with Larry Bunker, pays homage to Billie Holliday.  New young lions include Joel Ross, Ethan Fisher and Smith Dobson.  Joni Mitchell performs a Mingus tune.  Then there’s our old friends Karl Berger, Joe Locke, Arthur Lipner and Tom Collier.  So much to like!  Airing July 7, 2019, Sunday, 6-8 p eastern, and again on July 10, 2019, Wednesday, 4-6p eastern, same place.   Local (NJ) HD2 radio 89.1.   BTW, Anthony and Retrosonik are on the featured page this month.  


June 2019 Good Vibes

Sunday 2nd, 8p eastern, Weds 5th, 4pm eastern

I finally was able to get a copy of a an album I've kept my eye on for years.  At first it was not available on CD.  Then when it finally was, it was too expensive (almost $200 new).  So I broke down and bought a used copy, something I've never done before.  It was a reasonable price (under $20) and it turned out to be perfectly fine.  The CD I'm writing about is Dinah Shore Sings Some Blues With Red.  You'll hear the first track in June's show.  I'll also play Lionel Hampton's and Curley Hamner's "Hey, Ba-Ba-Re-Bop.  Marv Goldberg, at his website, gives a dissertation length analysis of this song and the often conflated "Open the Door, Richard," written a year later.  Check it out if you want to take that deep dive with him.    

May 2019 Good Vibes 

Sunday 5th, 8p eastern, Weds 8th, 4p eastern

Happy Birthday, Good Vibes!  We're beginning our 10th year!  And they (or someone) said it couldn't be done.  A program featuring the vibraphone would become boring, and there would there not be enough content to continue for very long.  As it happens, neither one is true.  The program continues to showcase fresh and exciting young players - Joel Ross in this month's edition - and new compositions (tomorrow's standards) like Tyler Blanton's "Oaty"  blended with the classics we all know and love.  Ted Piltzecker takes things up a notch when he combines his music with one of Langston Hughes' best known poems, "What Happens To A Dream Deferred?" with vocals by Taylor Burgess. Check it out!   

April 2019 Good Vibes 

Sunday 7th, 8p eastern, Weds10th, 4p eastern

April is Jazz Appreciation Month, appropriately abbreviated JAM – and was started in 2001 by John Edward Hasse, PhD, curator of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History – that’s where the legendary Ella’s archives are stored – and initially funded by the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation.  There are lots of ways to celebrate and I talk about some of them on April's Good Vibes. 

We're honoring the month by listening to some new albums, Behn Gillece (Parallel Universe), Tony Miceli (Invitation), Ted Piltzecker (Brindica), Joe Locke (Subtle Disguise) and Mike Freeman (Venetian Blinds). And some old ones as well, by Hendrik Meurkens, Bill Ware, Steve Nelson and Chuck Redd.  One of those oldies is the Klenner/Lewis standard "Just Friends" played by Lem Winchester.  I became aware of a Little Rascals episode ("Mush and Milk") where five-year-old Tommy, played by Tommy Bonds, was asked to sing the sophisticated tune for his class.  It's a classic in its own right.  Check it out on YouTube.   

March 2019 Good Vibes

Sunday 3rd, 8p eastern, Wednesday 6th, 4p eastern

Sometimes for no apparent reason a show comes out as fast-paced, or slow.  Maybe it's just my mood when I edit the show.  March, like the month itself, happens to have a breezy feel, the tone set by Arthur Lipner who opens with "Street Vibes." With a few exceptions, (funky "Penny for A Pound" by Nick Mancini, and Dave Pike's "Middle Earth Herd"), feel free to chill out with lodestars Cal Tjader and Milt Jackson, contemporary geniuses Joe Locke, Steve Shapiro, Steve Nelson and Tony Miceli, and up-and-comers Ethan Fisher and Joe Doubleday. Where Jazz Goes features a Hank Williams tune, Sting, the McCartneys and more.   

February 2019 Good Vibes

Sunday 3rd, 8p eastern,  Wednesday 6th, 4p eastern

Includes recordings by four jazz legends, Gary Burton, Astor Piazzolla, Terry Gibbs and Bobby Hutcherson and generous servings of contemporary giants like Joe Locke, Bill Ware and Arthur Lipner.  Helping me follow Where Jazz Goes - Bill Frisell, Stefon Harris, Don Braden and Kevin Mahogany.  Tune in, turn on, chill out.  

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