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Al Di Meola

Gary Burton

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Steve Shapiro

Behn Gillece 

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Dave Stryker & Bob Mintzer

Blue Soul, another superlative offering from Dave Stryker, the jazz guitarist who has stuck a flag in ‘70s territory and claimed it for his own.  This newest recording is a collaboration with saxophonist/arranger/conductor Bob Mintzer and the WDR Big Band, the highly regarded German jazz ensemble.   It includes Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man’ and “What’s Going On,” three of Dave’s originals, and Mintzer’s “Aha.”  Prince’s “When Dove’s Cry” and Jimmy Webb’s “Wichita Lineman” are given the Stryker treatment, as well as Stanley Turrentine’s “Stan’s Shuffle.”


The Hippest Cat In Hollywood 05:41

Coming Home 06:04

Little Hummingbird 03:49

Emily 05:38

Lolly's Folly 04:53

Gentle Rain 06:32

If You Could See Me Now 06:53

Mambo Inn 05:12

O Grande Amor 07:43

Bebop 04:01

Lolly Allen - vibraphone 

Danny Janklow - alto & tenor saxophones

Josh Nelson - piano (1,2,5-8) Tom Owens - piano (3,4,9,10) 

Jordan Richards - bass 

Paul Kreibich - drums (2-4,8-10)  Kendall Kay - drums (1,5-7)  Larry Koonse - guitar (5,6) 

Carl Saunders - trumpet (5,6) 

Scott Whitfield - trombone (5,6) 

Adam Schroeder - bari sax (5,6)

Chuck Redd & Groove City 

Different Flavors

Behn Gillece & Out to dinner


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