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11 x 8.5 in.

128 pages

Hardcover with dust jacket

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Jazz Lines

                         is the expression of music and poetry combined with the powerful imagery of legendary jazz photographer, Ed Berger.  Jazz Lines are poems composed of jazz song titles. You’ll enjoy reading and reciting the poems out loud to get the rhythm and cadence of the verses as I have put them together. Jazz Lines is music in your mouth!

Jazz Lines

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Sing a song of jazz titles
From musicians near and far
Big band, bebop, traditional
Bring lyrics to where you are

Ed Berger’s photos lovingly placed
In luminous black & white
Accompanied by free verse from
Gloria Krolak from NPR, that’s aight

Debbie Burke

Author, Icarus Flies Home


The poems will stir memories of your favorite songs, while the images will bring the musical experience to life. 

Denise Friday, 

Local Life magazine, August 2020

South Carolina 

Part poetry, part music, and completely entertaining, Jazz Lines will tickle your rhythm bone and bring to memory all the great melodies of jazz.

W. Royal Stokes, Author, Critic, Jazz Historian 

Thank you, Gloria, for writing such a great book, pretty enough to make it to our ‘cocktail table’ collection!”

Sharla Feldscher, Amazon reviewer

"The poems are really wonderful, the photos are rendered impeccably, and the generous words about, and dedication to Ed are greatly appreciated" 

Larry Berger 

"The production is really exceptional in all aspects! I enjoyed making another pass through it last night." 

Ken Berger this book demonstrates, familiar things once rearranged and reimagined can still open our eyes to new visions.  

Tony Mottola, Editor of Jersey Jazz 

Jazz Lines seems to be creating its own poetic niche: weaving together eclectic song titles from various genres and eras of jazz...

Anthony Smith, Author Masters of the Vibes

Jazz Lines is in the Oberlin College Conservatory Library as part of the Ed Berger Photographic Collection 

Your book is a piece of connective conscience that filters the genre and compresses the readers sum of jazz experiences into a reference point that becomes personal and meaningfully memorable. 

George 5/2023

Once I picked up Jazz Lines I had to read it from cover to cover. What marvelous poetry and photography!

Joyce 5/23

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