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  • Gloria Krolak

The Fantastic Nicknames of Jazz

Satchmo, Dodo, Pharaoh, Philly Joe, Chico, Django, Dolo, Hi De Ho. Snakehips, Hot Lips, Jeru ‘n Chu, Eubie, Baby, Chubby, Tubby and Bu. Plenty Kings, Queen just one, deuce of Jacks, Gardens of Buds, pair of Boots and Sax. Duke, Count, Baron, and Papa Jo, A palette of Reds, Rosy ‘n Blue Lou. So many Kids, Big Mama, ‘n Fatha, Frog, Fox, piece of Cake, Maharaja. Cag, Hog and Jug, Keg and Ragbaby, The Senator, Guvnor, Pres and First Lady. Cornbread and Fathead, the Judge ‘n Captain, Bounce, Flip, Leap Frog over your Hammond. There’s Tram, Slam, a Slim and a Ham, Beaver, Mousie, Hawk, Hootie ‘n The Lamb. Jaco and Guido, Dink, Chink, and Yank, Spike, Punch, and Corky, Tex, Mex and Hank. Brownie and Deedles, Bird and Crane, Keter, Klook, Big Chief, Bubber and Trane. The High Priestess of Soul, Professor Longhair, Ol Blue Eyes, The Prince of Darkness, Papa and Bear. The Divine One, Lord, God, and Tain, Even The Great Dane with the Never-Ending Name.

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