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  • Debbie Burke

Review of Jazz verse in the key of jazz

by Debbie Burke

Author of Icarus Flies Home

Sing a song of jazz titles From musicians near and far Big band, bebop, traditional Bring lyrics to where you are

Ed Berger’s photos lovingly placed In luminous black & white Accompanied by free verse from Gloria Krolak from NPR, that’s aight

In her book from 2018, NPR host and author Gloria Krolak uses the photos of Ed Berger and poetry to tell a story of the jazz life. The images are lush and convey the right mood: Lee Konitz, Christian McBride, Carol Fredette, Kurt Elling. Krolak’s free verse explores categories that song titles suggest: the passage of time through the days of the week; an address book with women’s names (“Georgia on My Mind,” “Nancy with the Laughing Face”) and anatomy (“Body and Soul,” “Sugar Hips”). Krolak is the host of “Good Vibes” and is a jazz columnist.

Photographer Ed Berger (1949-2017), who at 16 took his first jazz photo at a Louis Armstrong concert, was an author, radio host and record producer.

“Jazz Lines” is inventive, satisfying, and beautifully produced.

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(c) 2021 Debbie Burke


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